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Best Wireless Earbuds Under $50 For Music & Gaming Best Wireless Earbuds Under $50 For Music & Gaming

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Best Wireless Earbuds Under $50 – $100 For Music & Gaming. Let’s Find Out!

Best Wireless Earbuds Under $50 For Music & Gaming
Ali Malik



Search for the Best Wireless earbuds under $50 and $100 have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their convenience, sound quality, and steadily declining prices. They offer a tangle-free experience which is perfect for you if you’re on the move, want to enjoy your favorite tunes, or wanna play an immersive gaming session.

With a multitude of choices available, discovering the ideal pair can appear overwhelming, particularly when considering budget constraints. However, it’s entirely possible to find high-quality wireless earbuds under $50 & $100.

They may not sport the high-end features of their pricier counterparts, but they deliver on the essentials, good sound, decent battery life, and comfortable fit. In this guide, I’ll reveal my top picks for the best wireless earbuds under $50 and $100 for both music lovers and gamers. Let’s find out which ones offer the best bang for your buck!

    Product Name            Color       Form Factor        Play TimeBluetooth
XR LOUD M16BlackIn-Ear40 Hrs (120 Hrs Standby)5.4
TOZO T6 True Wireless EarbudsBlack, Blue, White, PinkIn-Ear45 Hrs5.3
TAGRY Wireless EarbudsBlack, Blue, White, PinkIn-Ear60 Hrs5.1
Bmani Wireless EarbudsBlack, Blue, Green, Pink, PurpleOver-Ear48 Hrs5.1
Black Shark Wireless EarbudsBlackIn-Ear35 Hrs5.2
Soundcore Life P3i Wireless EarbudsBlack45Hrs40 Hrs5.1

6 Best Wireless Earbuds Under $50 For Music & Gaming

Here are my top 5 picks for the best wireless earbuds.

1. XR LOUD M16 – Quality Sound, Bass & Clear Calls

XR LOUD M16 is the newest earbuds with impressive features:

  • The fastest Bluetooth connectivity of the 5.4 version
  • Clear calls with 6Mic functionality
  • 13mm sound drivers for qualitative sound quality and bass
  • IPX5 water-resistance

40 Hours of Play, 9 Hours of Continuous Calling, and 120 Hours of Standby

Fastest battery charging of 1 Hour

Quick Specs Overview

Color Black
Form FactorIn-Ear
Play Time40Hrs
Calling6Mic Clear Calls
AvailabilityXR LOUD, eBay

2. TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds – Water-Resistant

The TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds stand out for their impressive audio quality at an affordable price. They offer crisp sound reproduction, deep bass, and advanced Bluetooth 5.3 for seamless connectivity.

Water-resistant with an IPX8 rating, these earbuds are ideal for workouts or outdoor adventures. Beyond that, their ergonomic design ensures a comfy fit for extended use. And last but not least, they come with a strong 6-hour battery life so your music and gaming experience will be uninterrupted.

Specs Overview

Color Black, Blue, White, Pink
Form FactorIn-Ear
Play Time45Hrs

3. TAGRY Wireless Earbuds – Powerful Bass

The TAGRY Wireless Earbuds deliver powerful bass to ensure an immersive audio experience for both music and gaming. With an efficient Bluetooth 5.1, you get a strong and stable connection. A standout feature is their 60-hour playtime supported by a portable charging case. These budget-friendly earbuds also offer an IPX7 water resistance rating which also makes them perfect for outdoor use.

Specs Overview

Color Black, Blue, White, Pink
Form FactorIn-Ear
Play Time60 Hrs

4. Bmani Wireless Earbuds – 48hrs Play Back

The Bmani Wireless Earbuds are a game-changer within the budget range. They boast a staggering 48 hours of playtime, enabled by a robust charging case. The sound output is balanced which provides a satisfying blend of highs, mids, and lows. With three pairs of ear caps and flexible ear hooks, these earbuds provide a secure and comfortable fit for your ears.

Specs Overview

Color Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple
Form FactorIn-Ear
Play Time48 Hrs

5. Black Shark Wireless Earbuds – Comfortable In-Ear Design

The Black Shark Wireless Earbuds are a triumph in budget-friendly audio gear. They shine with an exceptional 35 hours of battery life that keeps you connected for hours on end. Their intuitive touch controls make for a user-friendly experience that allows easy management of your audio on the go. Additionally, these wireless earbuds with ear hooks offer compatibility with a diverse range of devices, such as iOS and Android smartphones, TVs, computers, and laptops.

Specs Overview

Color Black
Form FactorIn-Ear
Play Time35 Hrs

6. Soundcore Life P3i Wireless Earbuds – Charge Faster

The Soundcore Life P3i Wireless Earbuds boast a premium sound experience with their custom 11mm drivers that deliver crisp and balanced audio. They feature fast charging capabilities, going from 0 to 100% in just 1.5 hours, so you won’t have to wait long to use them again.

Plus, they offer an impressive  40 hours of playtime with the charging case. Their comfortable and lightweight design makes them perfect for long listening sessions while their noise-cancelling technology ensures a distraction-free experience.

Specs Overview

Color Black
Form FactorIn-Ear
Play Time40 Hrs

Conclusion – The Bottom Line!

All in all, any of these above-mentioned five wireless earbuds are excellent choices for under $50 and $100, each offering unique features. Whether you desire the XR LOUD M16 with Quality sound and bass with its impressive 6Mic clear calls & 120 Hours of Standby time; or bass water-resistant TOZO T6 with its advanced Bluetooth 5.3, the bass-heavy TAGRY earbuds, or the balanced sound output of the Bmani earbuds, there’s a pair tailored for your needs.

So, If you’re looking for a blend of affordability, sound quality, and reliability, don’t overlook these options. I hope you enjoy reading this guide. Thanks For Reading!

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Jabra Elite 10 Review – Wireless Earbuds With Mic, Bluetooth & More!

Experience good sound quality, comfort, and advanced noise cancellation with Jabra Elite 10 wireless earbuds (Jabra Elite 10 vs XR LOUD M16 in short)

Ali Malik



Jabra Elite 10 Review
Jabra Elite 10 Review

In this fast-paced world, where technology and convenience go hand in hand, wireless earbuds have become a necessity rather than a luxury. Among the plenty of brands vying for consumer attention, the Jabra Elite 10 has made a notable impression.

With extraordinary features such as a built-in microphone, Bluetooth connectivity, and advanced sound quality, these wireless earbuds are designed to meet the evolving demands of music lovers and professionals alike.

So, in this quick guide, I’ll take you through a detailed review of the Jabra Elite 10 by highlighting its key features and performance.

Disclosure: Our products are handpicked and may have offers & best deals for today. Some links are affiliates, we may receive a bonus if conversion occurs, at NO cost to you. Thanks for your support & understanding!

Jabra Elite 10 Review – In-Depth Analysis

The Jabra Elite 10 are high-end wireless earbuds that offer a range of features, such as active noise cancellation, Dolby Atmos, and multi-device pairing. But how do they perform in terms of sound quality, comfort, and battery life? Let’s find out in this in-depth review.

Sound Quality

The Jabra Elite 10 has 10mm drivers that deliver rich and balanced sound across different genres of music.

I won’t say it is superior but okay sound quality compared to XR LOUD M16 which has 13mm of sound drivers releasing superior bass quality.

They also support Dolby Atmos, which creates a 3D audio environment that surrounds you with sound. You can customize the sound profile using the Jabra Sound+ app, which has a graphic EQ and presets. The earbuds also have a semi-open design that lets in some ambient sound, which can be useful for situational awareness.

Noise Cancellation

The Jabra Elite 10 features Jabra Advanced Active Noice Cancellation, which is twice as strong as their standard ANC. The ANC adapts to your ear and the environment and blocks out most of the background noise, such as voices, traffic, or engines.

You can also adjust the level of ANC and HearThrough, which is an ambient sound mode that lets you hear what’s going on around you. And I appreciate that the earbuds have six microphones that ensure clear voice calls, even in noisy situations.


The Jabra Elite 10 is designed to be comfortable and secure due to its Jabra ComfortFit technology. They have oval-shaped ear tips that fit properly in your ear canal and relieve the pressure that can cause discomfort.

The ear tips come in four sizes, so you can choose the best fit for you. The earbuds are also lightweight and have an IP57 rating for dust and water resistance which makes them suitable for sports and outdoor activities.

Battery Life

The Jabra Elite 10 has a decent battery life of up to six hours on a single charge, with ANC on. The charging case provides an additional 27 hours of battery life and supports wireless charging. The earbuds also have a fast charge feature that gives you an hour of playtime in 15 minutes.


The Jabra Elite 10 has Bluetooth 5.3, which ensures a stable and low-latency connection with your devices. They also support multi-device pairing, which lets you switch between two devices easily. The earbuds have touch controls that let you play, pause, skip tracks, adjust the volume, activate the voice assistant, and more. You can also use the Jabra Sound+ app to access more features, such as Spotify Tap, which lets you play your favorite playlist with a single tap.

Specs Overview

Weight 4.9 ounces
Form FactorIn-Ear
Hours to Charge2 Hrs
Playtime Hrs27 hours
Sound Drivers Size10mm
Handsfree CallingYes
Voice AssistanceYes
CompatibilityiOS, Android, PC, tablets
Good sound qualityComfortable design
Effective noise cancellation
Comfortable design
Excellent sound quality
Effective noise cancellation
Jabra Elite 10

Jabra Elite 10

  • 5.3 Bluetooth
  • 2 Hours Charging
  • Playtime – 27 Hours
  • 10mm Sound Coil
XR LOUD M16 Best Earbuds


  • HiFi Bass and Sound Quality (13mm)
  • 5.4 Bluetooth
  • 120+ Hours Battery (Standby)
  • 40 Hours Playtime
  • 6-Mic Clear Calling
  • ANC ENC Noise Cancelling
  • Pricing That Makes Sense

Conclusion – The Bottom Line!

All in all, the Jabra Elite 10 is a remarkable blend of style, comfort, and high-end performance. However, they aren’t offering the newest features that XR LOUD M16 does. Plus the pricing ain’t budget-friendly of Jabra products compared to what XR LOUD has. With their rich and balanced sound quality, strong active noise cancellation, and secure, comfortable fit, they truly stand out in the market of wireless earbuds. The battery life, while not exceptional, is fairly competitive given the product’s size and features.

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Beats Fit Pro Review – Beats Wireless Earbuds + Noise Cancelling & More!

Ali Malik



Beats Fit Pro Review
Beats Fit Pro Review

The Beats Fit Pro is the latest addition to the reputed Beats by Dre line-up that delivers superior audio quality with the added advantages of wireless convenience and active noise cancellation. With their ergonomic design, they offer unparalleled comfort and stability which makes them a perfect companion for various activities.

Whether it’s an intense workout or a serene evening of music appreciation, you will experience superior sound and uninterrupted listening sessions with the Beats Fit Pro. And you know what’s really awesome? They are equipped with Apple’s H1 chip to ensure seamless connectivity and offer features like “Hey Siri” for hands-free control.

With excellent battery life and a sweat and water-resistant design, the Beats Fit Pro seems to boldly promise a blend of functionality and quality. Whether they live up to these claims, is what we will explore in this comprehensive review.

Beats Fit Pro Review – In-Depth Analysis

The Beats Fit Pro stands out in the competitive world of wireless earbuds and offers a unique blend of features designed for an exceptional audio experience. Let’s explore some of the key aspects in detail:

Secure Fit

Beats Fit Pro excels in comfort and stability due to its innovative wingtips. These wingtips are crafted to ensure a secure fit, for that reason these earbuds are ideal for prolonged use. Whether you’re commuting, working out, or just want to relax, the design minimizes discomfort and the risk of the earbuds falling out.

Three Listening Modes

Beats Fit Pro have three listening modes that you can switch between depending on your preference and environment. These are:

  • Active Noise Cancelling (ANC): This mode uses microphones to detect and cancel out ambient noise and gives you a clear and immersive sound experience. This mode is ideal for when you want to focus on your call, music or podcasts without any distractions.
  • Transparency: This mode lets you hear what is happening around you while still enjoying your audio. This mode is useful when you’re walking down the street or having a conversation with someone.
  • Extended Power: This mode extends the battery life of the earbuds by turning off ANC and Transparency. This mode is good for when you need to conserve power or when you do not need any noise cancellation or amplification.

You can easily switch between these modes by pressing and holding the Beats logo on the earbuds. You can also customize the modes and adjust the level of noise cancellation or transparency using the Beats app on your phone.

Apple H1 chip

Integration of the Apple H1 chip in Beats Fit Pro enhances the user experience significantly. This chip allows for seamless connectivity with Apple devices and enables features like audio sharing and “Hey Siri” voice activation. The H1 chip also enhances the sound quality and performance of the earbuds by delivering a crisp and balanced sound with deep bass and clear highs.

Battery life

Beats Fit Pro have a battery life of 6 hours of continuous playback with ANC or Transparency on, and up to 24 hours with the charging case. The charging case is small and lightweight which makes it easy to carry around. Plus, the case supports wireless charging, so you can simply place it on a Qi-compatible charging pad to recharge it.

Specs Overview

Weight 6.5 g per earbud
Form FactorIn-ear with secure-fit wingtips
BluetoothBluetooth 5.0
Hours to Charge1.5 hours for full charge
Playtime HrsUp to 6 hours with ANC on, up to 7 hours with ANC off
Sound Drivers SizeDual-element diaphragm driver
Handsfree CallingYes
Voice AssistanceYes, with Siri and Google Assistant
CompatibilityiOS, Android, PC, tablets
Exceptional sound qualityHigh price point
Seamless Apple integration
Comfortable, secure fit
Active Noise Cancelling
Long battery life

Conclusion – Final Verdict!

In short, the Beats Fit Pro offers an exceptional audio experience with a comfortable, secure fit, and an impressively long battery life. Its active noise-canceling feature and seamless integration with Apple devices make it a standout choice among wireless earbuds.

While the high price point may be a barrier for you. But honestly speaking, the quality, functionality, and sleek design of the Beats Fit Pro certainly justify the cost. So if you’re looking for superior sound, comfort, and an array of practical features, the Beats Fit Pro is a worthy investment that delivers on its promises.

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