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BigScreen Beyond VR Review BigScreen Beyond VR Review

VR Headset

Mixed Reality Hardware: BigScreen Beyond VR Review

David William



In a monumental leap for virtual reality hardware, the VR BigScreen Beyond has emerged as a true game-changer. After six months of rigorous testing and daily use, tech enthusiasts and VR fans are astounded by the remarkable features and innovations this headset brings.

The BigScreen Beyond once considered a prototype, has now evolved into a final production unit that promises to redefine the VR landscape. While it may not be without its imperfections, it offers a tantalizing glimpse into the future of VR technology that has left users craving for more.

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VR BigScreen Beyond: Tiny Yet Mighty

The BigScreen Beyond defies traditional VR headset norms, resembling more of a set of VR goggles than a clunky head-mounted display. Weighing in at a mere 1027 grams, it’s a quarter of the weight of the Quest 2 and a fraction of the Index’s heft. In fact, it’s so compact that it can fit inside the eye boxes of most other VR headsets.

Native Steam VR

The Beyond is a native Steam VR headset, which means it requires separate controllers and base stations for tracking. However, this setup results in impeccable tracking quality and a hassle-free, plug-and-play experience.

Custom-Made for You

One groundbreaking feature sets the amazing mixed reality hardware i.e. Bigscreen Beyond apart—each unit is custom-made for the individual user. A unique face scan using an iPhone ensures a precise, millimeter-level fit, rendering the headset a perfect match for any face shape or interpupillary distance (IPD).

Display Excellence

The Beyond boasts two 2560 x 2560 micro OLED displays with a refresh rate of 75 to 90 Hz. These displays are setting new standards for VR with their rapid pixel response time, vivid contrast, and true black levels, creating incredibly realistic and immersive experiences.

Zero Light Leakage

Thanks to the custom face gasket, the Beyond eliminates light leakage completely, enhancing immersion and allowing users to be fully absorbed in the virtual world.

Outstanding Microphone

The Beyond features the best microphone ever seen on a VR headset, as demonstrated in the review video. The audio quality is remarkable, surpassing many high-end dedicated microphones.

Size, Weight, and Comfort

The Beyond’s form factor, weight, and comfort are unparalleled in the VR industry. The reduced size and weight contribute to a clearer and more stable experience. There’s no discomfort, no hotspots, and significantly less neck strain.

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Lenses and Sweet Spot

While the lenses are generally good, they are not without their imperfections. In high-contrast scenes, a slight glare on bright objects may occur. There’s also a minor ring of distortion around the edges of the lenses, requiring users to move their heads more than their eyes.

Field of View

Although the field of view has improved, it’s still a point of contention. With around 101° on a good day, it’s slightly better than the Quest 2 but not as wide as some other headsets.

A Glimpse of VR’s Future

The Big Screen Beyond is not just a headset; it’s a symbol of innovation in the VR industry. Its commitment to form factor, micro OLEDs, and ease of use should serve as an inspiration to other manufacturers. While it may not be the headset for everyone, it’s undoubtedly pushing the boundaries of what VR can be.

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Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest 3

Comparison: (AVP) Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest 3

AVP In-Detailed SpecsApple Vision ProMeta Quest 3
Vr Headset SpecsApple Vision Pro VR HeadsetBuy Meta Quest 3
Supporting DevicesiPhone, Wireless, Compatible with Apple ProductsWireless, Also compatible with TV, Android, iPhone, Laptop and PCs
Reality TypeVirtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR)Mixed Reality (MR), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR)
Games SupportedAR, VR GamesMR & VR Games
Pixels / ResolutionCustom micro‑OLED display system featuring 23 million pixels (more Pixels than 4K TV per eye)Micro‑OLED display with 2,064 x 2,208 pixels per eye
WirelessYesYes (with software)
Wifi / BluetoothYesYes
Peak Brightness300 nits100 nits
Field of View100-120° FoV110° FoV (Horizontal) & 96° FoV (Vertical)
Eye ProtectionYesEye Relief Option Available (in facial settings)
Audio3D Spatial Audio – Dual-driver audio pods (with jack for headphones like AirPods Pro (2nd generation))3D Spatial (with 35mm audio jack for headphones)
Weight450 g14.1 Ounces
Battery Aluminum‑encased battery; 2 hours of use, and all‑day use when plugged in1 A battery
Head TrackingYes, With a sensor array, high-resolution camera, precise head and hand tracking, and real‑time 3D mapping.6DoF (Degrees of Freedom)
Eye TrackingResponsive and Precision eye trackingNo
M2 ChipResponsive and Precision eye-tracking
R1 ChipProcessing input from the cameras, sensors, and microphones, streaming images to the displays within 12 milliseconds. This is for a virtually lag-free, real-time view of the world.Responsive and Precision eye-tracking
Device ColorsOff-White/Grey/BlackWhite
OpticsDual Pancake lensesPancake lenses
Refresh Rate90 Hz (yet to be updated)72 Hz, 80 Hz, 90 Hz, 120 Hz
Storage16 GB DRAM (Yet to be updated) + 1TB of SSD storage / 256 GB8 GB RAM + 128/512 GB
Software / App Needed
(for wireless use)
Yet to be announcedAir Link or Virtual Desktop
App DirectoryVisionOSQuest+
Privacy and SecurityOptic ID – A secure authentication system that uses the uniqueness of your iris
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Apple Vision Pro – VR Headset


AVP offers an extraordinary visual experience with impressive display quality. Tech optimization of colors, contrasts, and brightness ensures that every image/video appears vivid, lifelike, and amazingly captivating. Access Full Review

Suitable for Gaming, Work, Movies & all sorts of Immersive Entertainment!

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  • 4K High-Resolution Display
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