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Upcoming Consensus 2024 is going to shape the future of Cryptocurrency & Web3

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Consensus 2024 is emerging as a pivotal event of the year encapsulating the hopes, visions, and innovations driving the industry forward. Along with the evolution of Cryptocurrency, the intersection of blockchain technology, financial revolution, and global collaboration. This year’s Consensus is promising and happening to be a game-changer.

Let’s jump into the key highlights, themes, and potential impact of Consensus 2024.

Impressive Growth of Consensus

Consensus has consistently proven to be a catalyst for change within the cryptocurrency realm. Since its inception, it has evolved into the foremost global event, bringing together experts, enthusiasts, and thought leaders. Its influence extends far beyond its annual occurrence. Shaping the industry’s trajectory for the years to come.

Exposure to Groundbreaking Projects

At Consensus 2024, attendees can expect to witness the unveiling of groundbreaking projects that are set to redefine the cryptocurrency landscape. From decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms to non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This year’s event will showcase a plethora of innovations poised to disrupt traditional financial systems.

Regulatory Insights

One of the most anticipated aspects of Consensus 2024 is the discussion surrounding cryptocurrency regulations. As governments and regulatory bodies grapple with the integration of cryptocurrencies into existing financial frameworks. This event will provide valuable insights into the direction of regulatory changes.

The Future of Blockchain Technology

Consensus 2024 is expected to shed light on the future of blockchain technology. With presentations from industry giants and experts, attendees will gain invaluable insights into the potential applications of blockchain beyond cryptocurrency. This event will explore blockchain’s role in supply chain management, healthcare, and more.

Embracing Web3: A Paradigm Shift

In the midst of the cryptocurrency revolution, the emergence of Web3 is a central theme at Consensus 2024. Web3 represents a paradigm shift in how we interact with the internet, emphasizing decentralization, user ownership, and trustless interactions. This transformative concept is poised to reshape the digital landscape. Consensus 2024 will undoubtedly serve as a platform for in-depth discussions on its implications.

Networking Opportunities

Networking has always been a cornerstone of Consensus events. The 2024 edition will facilitate connections between startups, investors, and established industry players. This collaborative environment fosters innovation and may lead to the birth of the next big cryptocurrency project.

Dates & Venue

May 29 – 31, 2024; Austin, Texas, United States


Consensus 2024 promises to be an event of monumental significance for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. With its focus on innovation, regulation, and networking, attendees can expect to be part of a transformative experience. As the cryptocurrency world continues to expand, Consensus remains at the forefront, driving progress and shaping the future of this revolutionary technology.

To stay updated and be a part of this momentous event, make sure to mark your calendar for Consensus 2024. The future of cryptocurrency and blockchain awaits, and you won’t want to miss it. Allow notification (using the bell icon on the bottom-left), so we can update you on the event and relevant matters!

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How to Invest in Web3 in the upcoming year 2024

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How to Invest in Web3

Prior to making any big decision in 2024, it’s always recommended to learn more and more about Web3, its upcoming projects, and the companies involved. Even knowing a bit more about the development process and networking will increase the chances of success.

This content is only for educational purpose. Do your own research by visiting Web3 experts in the Consensus-like events, prior to investing.

The digital scene is developing at a fast speed, and Web3 is at the very front of this change. As customary businesses converge with blockchain technology and decentralized applications, there’s a developing revenue in how to invest in Web3. In this article, we’ll investigate the vital stages and methodologies to explore this astonishing and possibly rewarding space.

Understanding Web3

Web3, short for Web 3.0, addresses the following advancement of the web. It is a decentralized and client-driven environment that intends to give people more command over their digital lives. In Web3, blockchain technology assumes a focal part, empowering trustless exchanges and shrewd agreements. To invest, you should initially understand the essential ideas driving Web3, for example, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and decentralized applications (dApps).

Choose Your Investment Vehicle

With regards to investing in Web3, there are different roads to investigate. The most widely recognized choices include:


Investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins is an immediate method for taking part in the Web3 space. You can buy these digital resources on cryptocurrency trades.

Tokenized Resources

Tokenization includes addressing genuine resources (like land or workmanship) as digital tokens on a blockchain. This empowers fragmentary possession and liquidity. Stages like NFT commercial centers and security token trades offer open doors for such investments.

Investing in Web3 Projects

Numerous new businesses are creating imaginative Web3 arrangements. By investing in these beginning phase organizations through funding or token deals, you can be essential for the following enormous thing in Web3.

Research and Due Diligence

Prior to investing in Web3, directing exhaustive research is essential. Investigate the technology, group, use case, and local area behind an undertaking or cryptocurrency. Comprehend the dangers and potential prizes related to your picked investment vehicle. Remain refreshed with the most recent news and patterns in the Web3 space to settle on informed choices.

Security Matters

Security is fundamental while investing in Web3. With the decentralized idea of blockchain, you become your own bank, and that implies you’re liable for defending your resources. Use equipment wallets, empower two-factor verification, and be wary of phishing tricks. Also, consider utilizing legitimate cryptocurrency trades and decentralized trades (DEXs) for exchange.

Diversification and Risk Management

Differentiating your Web3 investments is a shrewd procedure to spread risk. Try not to place every one of your assets into a solitary resource or undertaking. Assign your investments across various cryptocurrencies, tokenized resources, and new businesses to adjust possible increases and misfortunes. It’s likewise savvy to lay out a reasonable leave methodology and set stop-misfortune orders to restrict expected misfortunes.

Where’s the best place to learn, communicate, and invest in Web3?

If you’re unaware, the Consensus 2024 event for Web3, Cryptocurrency, Developers Meet-Up, and Networking. The event is organized by Coindesk. It generally runs every year. Know more about Consensus 2024 to be held in Texas, United States.

Conclusion on

Web3 is reshaping the digital world, and investing in it tends to be both energizing and fulfilling. In any case, it’s not without gambles. To succeed, you should grasp the rudiments of Web3, pick your investment vehicles astutely, lead exhaustive examination, focus on security, and utilize broadening and hazard the board techniques.

As you leave on your Web3 investment venture, remain informed, adjust to changes, and embrace the future of the decentralized web. By observing these rules, you can situate yourself to profit from the open doors that Web3 brings to the table while limiting possible entanglements. Keep in mind, that Web3 is a dynamic and developing environment, so ceaseless learning and flexibility are critical to the long-haul outcomes here.

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Top VR Movies with Metaverse Elements 2024 (Released & Upcoming)

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VR Movies

There haven’t been many metaverse movies on the web, however, the upcoming sci-fi and VR movies in 2024 are simply gonna blow your mind. Here are the top 3 Metaverse movies or say VR movies you’ll get to enjoy soon:

1. Escape The Metaverse

Time has marched on, and humanity now resides within an expansive metaverse, where their lives and labor unfold, leading them to detach from the physical realm. Yet, when this very metaverse falls under the control of malicious forces, ensnaring the entire population, a former convict who has embraced an off-grid existence is thrust into the virtual domain with a crucial mission: to rescue humankind from its digital captivity.

Escape the Metaverse is releasing on 1st October 2024. It’s written and directed by Matthew Cooper.

Genre: Sci-fi

Suitability Match: Metaverse / VR Movies

2. Heaven

An unfortunate individual, grappling with a sense of purposelessness, decides to embrace a novel path by uploading their consciousness into an advanced A.I. Metaverse. This digital realm, designed to simulate an afterlife, is the brainchild of an enigmatic tech magnate with cryptic intentions. However, as our protagonist delves deeper, they begin to realize that this virtual paradise is far from heavenly, revealing itself as more akin to a nightmarish hell.

Heaven a Metaverse movie / VR movie suitable, will soon be launching in mid-2024. It is being produced by Jim Robison, Alex Proyas, Morris Ruskin, and Adam Krentzman.

Genre: Comedy/Sci-fi

Suitability Match: Metaverse / VR Movies

3. Valerian – And The City Of a Thousand Planets

Though Valerian isn’t a new movie, the VR Movie and Metaverse Elements it consists of are just out of the world. At a certain point, while watching it, you’ll realize how can someone come up with the idea of associating the real tangible world with the imaginary i.e. the virtual world.

The scenes and stories within seem so real and natural that it’s hard truly hard for me to not recommend it to you. You may try watching it on Netflix for a better experience.

Genre: Sci-fi, Action

Suitability Match: Metaverse / VR Movies

Get to know about Smart Glasses to Enhance VR experience

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