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“How much my Games made last year,” asks Justin G, Indie Games Developer Revenue

Salwa P



Your Indie Games Developer guy ‘Justin’ (myself) is finally here to share some metrics that I made in the last year. A lot of you guys keep asking me how my own games did last year because so I know how much you guys love numbers going to be sharing with you the revenue from my games made.  Let me tell you about Indie Game developers and revenue checking out my analytics for 2022. My total revenue for 2022 was $137,396.16 worth a total amount of 313,187 installs just under users. A day one retention rate of 31.21 (%) percent and again this was all achieved organically um with zero money spent.

There was actually a loss in is 185,000 and that is a loss of around 48,000 probably wondering why the drop in revenue and several factors that I have considered. The first one is that in 2021 being in the pandemic people were stuck with nothing else much to do so in general mobile gaming. Whereas in 2022 it was sort of an economic backlash a lot of businesses didn’t do as well not, in general, another lord of time and effort building partnerships. And Studio Some of which are UA funded meaning that they are spending a lot of money on user acquisition something that has been kind of holding me back in terms of scaling my own games.

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While I’m blessed that I’ve been able to build my own Studio organically it a long time to hit that next level. And for me, that is cracking so I’ve been actively spending a lot of time on other projects on the paid user acquisition side of things and seeing how that process works and then I can apply that to my own studio and grow my own games further. That’s also something I’m forward to sharing with you, unfortunately, in partnership with other people I can not disclose that information as yet but hopefully, in the father, I can share some results with you. I’m telling you why there has been a bit of a decline in my own revenue because I’ve been growing in other games. I hope I’ve answered you guys!

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