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Lenovo Unveils Game-Changer: Meet the Lenovo Legion Go Details Lenovo Unveils Game-Changer: Meet the Lenovo Legion Go Details

Epic Games

Lenovo Unveils Game-Changer: Meet the Lenovo Legion Go Details

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Check out Lenovo Legion Go details. In a game-changing move that is poised to redefine the gaming experience, Lenovo is taking the gaming world by storm with the launch of the Lenovo Legion Go. This remarkable handheld gaming device comes packed with a set of unique and innovative features, including detachable controllers and a vertical mouse, promising a whole new level of convenience and control for gamers.

The Ultimate in Portability and Control

One of the standout features of the Lenovo Legion Go details is its detachable controllers. This feature provides gamers with an unprecedented level of customization and freedom to adapt their control scheme to the specific requirements of any game. The vertical mouse further adds to the versatility, offering precision and accuracy for a wide range of gaming genres.

Running on the latest Windows 11 operating system, the Lenovo Legion Go boasts remarkable performance and responsiveness, ensuring a lag-free and immersive gaming experience. Whether you’re into competitive eSports or immersive single-player adventures, this device is designed to keep you ahead of the competition.

Keeping Cool Under Pressure

One of the most common concerns with gaming devices is overheating during long and intense gaming sessions. The Lenovo Legion Go addresses this concern admirably with its advanced cooling system that maintains comfortable temperatures, typically hovering around 37-38°C, even during the most demanding gaming scenarios.

The Lenovo Legion Go isn’t just for gaming. Its impressive specifications and portability make it an enticing option for those who need a versatile device for both work and play. Whether you’re typing up reports, editing media, or engaging in heavy-duty gaming, this device effortlessly transitions between various tasks.

Affordable Innovation at Your Fingertips

With a price range of $1,100 to $1,400, the Lenovo Legion Go offers an attractive and affordable alternative to traditional laptops. It combines the convenience of a lightweight, portable device with the power and performance required for an exceptional gaming experience.

The Lenovo Legion Go has arrived, promising a gaming experience like never before. Its unique features, top-tier performance, and versatile applications make it a standout choice for gamers and professionals alike. Get ready to redefine your gaming experience with this innovative handheld device.

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Unreal Engine

Game Lovers learning to set up VR in unreal engine 5.1 By ‘Smart Poly’: Watch

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unreal engine 5.1

Have you ever wanted to use Unreal Engine 5 to try out virtual reality? We’ll demonstrate to set up any VR headset using Unreal Engine 5.1 as per ‘Smart Poly’ in under ten minutes.

Additionally, we’ll demonstrate how to load a unique map into the VR template, whether it’s one you created yourself or one you purchased from the Unreal Engine marketplace. So without further ado, let’s start right now.

How To Get Started With VR In Unreal Engine When Using The Oculus Quest 2

If you’re utilizing the Oculus Quest 2, the first step to getting started with VR in Unreal Engine is to obtain the following:

  • Download the Oculus desktop app for your computer.
  • Install the Oculus desktop application after the download is complete and log in using the same credentials you use to log into your headset.
  • Turn on your headset and select the quest link from the settings to pair.
  • Confirm the pairing code and click continue to pair your headset to the Oculus desktop application.
  • Download steam VR and log in with your steam account and launch it.
  • To test out VR inside Unreal Engine, open steam VR and leave it open.

When Creating an Actual Unreal Engine VR project With Unreal Engine 5.1, you need to follow these steps:

  • Launch on religion 5.1
  • Virtual reality template under games and click create.
  • Click the three-dot icons at the top to play the test.
  • Make sure the Oculus desktop application and steam VR are open before playing tests.
  • After opening steam VR, put on your headset, go to settings, quest link, select your computer, and click launch to launch the application on your headset.

So basically, this means that you are good to go on your headset. Literally, all you need is the Oculus desktop app, steam VR, and a copy of Unreal Engine. And so now we can actually test out the VR inside of Unreal Engine 5.1.

Watch How You Can Set Up VR In Unreal Engine 5.1


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Epic Games


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“Generally, Epic Games Store developers get 88% of all the purchases, compared to 70% on several other retailers,” they stated. Game creators can use the funds to expand and improve their games.

Epic Games Launcher is a prominent digital storefront and games launcher that competes with Steam.

Exclusive content has aided the growth of streaming video and music services, as well as gaming platforms.

Epic works with studios and publishers to offer you exclusive games. In exchange for exclusivity, Epic funds development, and marketing, allowing developers to create more polished games with less risk. The developers will also keep 88% of the proceeds from their game.

It debuted in 2018 and has the hit F2P game Fortnite as its main attraction. Epic’s commercial practices have drawn criticism from Steam fans and others. Which we will be discussing at length in the near future.

They’re compatible with desktops, laptops, and Macs.

Free Games

Epic Games appears to have recognized the widespread appreciation for free video game downloads.

In 2023, there will be a new free game giveaway every week.

These games, however, are not only obscure or relics from the past. They’ve given away Grand Theft Auto V for a week (even though it costs £24.99 on Epic and steam). And they’ve also promoted Remnant From the Ashes, a 2019 game that’s a lot like Dark Souls, for £30.99.

Games can also be won in a different method. Get out of jail free for a day! Total War: Troy, a game that was previously free for 24 hours but is now selling for £34.99, is the most recent example of this strategy. I am a huge fan of the Total War series and I own every game in the franchise to date. So, it came as a surprise to learn that Epic will be the sole platform for the next game for an entire year.

You can have the free game forever after you claim it. If you return later and still can’t find it, it’s possible you have more than one account set up. Do not use the Google login option to access an existing Epic account associated with a address. Doing so will establish a new Epic account associated with that address. Verify if you’re logged in with a console account (PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo) and if you have an Epic account as well.


Epic Games Launcher download instructions:

  • Go to Epic Games’ Store
  • Locate the Download button in the top right corner.
  • The Launcher’s setup file will begin downloading immediately. If the download doesn’t start automatically, you can start it by clicking the button that corresponds to your platform.


Epic Titles will publish games like Fortnite with a new account system for younger players after the upgrade. Since its release, Fortnite has had a great following among children and teenagers. And Epic Games has been working hard to keep them safe from abusive gamers by instituting Item Shop age restrictions.

Since Epic Games started rolling out the account modifications with the update on December 7, it’s possible that players who haven’t yet seen the change in their copy of Fortnite, Fall Guys, or Rocket League should see it in the next few days. No voice or text chat, in-game purchases, game downloads not developed by Epic Games, activity-based recommendations, push notifications, Rocket League Trading, user-created display names, SMS two-factor verification, or account linking will be available to users with Cabined Accounts. Taking these precautions may avert future problems in which adults exploit minors in games like Fortnite. Or other situations in which players spend excessive money on virtual goods.

Epic Games Cabined Accounts

When Epic Games released Cabined Accounts, some parents asked for clarification. Fans are concerned about the lack of an update to the Cabined Account FAQ. Which answers queries about if the system is all-inclusive. Whether there are age-specific controls, and whether you can link your social media accounts to Fortnite.

Policy To Hear Out

If a game or product is labeled as “refundable” or “self-refundable,” you can return it within 14 days of purchase for a full refund. However, your total recorded playtime must be under 2 hours. Consumable digital goods, such as virtual currency, as well as “non-refundable” software and video games, cannot be returned.

You cannot claim a refund for a game or product if you have been permanently banned for violating the Terms of Service. You may also lose your refund eligibility if Epic catches you misusing the refund policy.

The only countries where players cannot access the Epic Games Store are those where doing so would violate US law (North Korea and Iran, for example). For legal reasons, creators may need to make changes to their games before they can be released in some areas.

Now you can play Fortnite on your Mac, mobile device, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One, or Xbox One S.

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