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Lenovo Legion Go Review November 2023: Battlestation, FPS Modes & AR Glasses take to another level of gaming

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Today marks a significant milestone for gaming enthusiasts worldwide as Lenovo officially launched Legion Go, a handheld gaming device that is set to make waves in the market. The Lenovo Legion Go Review boasts impressive hardware, including a Z1 Extreme APU, the same chip powering the ROG Ally, but with distinct advantages such as a larger screen, higher resolution, faster RAM, and detachable controllers. What’s even more remarkable is that Lenovo is offering this powerful handheld at a competitive price point, signaling a positive shift in the gaming industry. Having had the Legion Go in our hands for just a couple of days, we’re excited to share our initial impressions of this formidable gaming device.

Lenovo Legion Go

512 GB – 8.8″ 144Hz 

Purpose of Buying Lenovo Legion Go

Engaging Handheld Gaming, Comfortable Play-Fight, AR Gaming Experience, Detachable Truestrike Controlling, Launchers, Games, and more

Rating by buyers 4.7/5

How you can get the most out of your Lenovo Legion Go

MASSIVE GAME LIBRARY: With The Most Amazing Games!

Legion Go Games, Space and Storage

Say goodbye to the launcher chaos! Legion Space is the superhero that unites all your favorite games from different platforms. No more juggling multiple launchers and interfaces – it’s gaming made simple and stress-free!

Play longer time with a 48.2WH Battery, anywhere with Whisper Quiet Fans and Icy Cool Thermals; all coming along with lightning-fast charging. Add upto 2TB of micro SD storage for more and more games.

FPS Mode is something that adds easiness to play-flight!

Lenovo Legion Go - FPS Mode

Calling all FPS fanatics! Engaging FPS Mode will give you PinPoint accuracy while charging the enemies. FPS mode paired with the optional controller base, designed just for you. The left side becomes your trusty WASD keys, while the right side transforms into a vertical mouse, turning you into a quick-scoping, slide-canceling, head-glitching maestro on your way to gaming glory!

Battlestation mode lets to dock with several Accessories

Lenovo Legion Go Dock with Monitor

Get ready to kick your gaming experience up a notch with Legion Go’s Battle Station Mode! Just dock it with your go-to Legion monitor, effortlessly connect it to all your favorite Legion accessories, and voila – you’re geared up to conquer the gaming battlefield like never before!

Legion Go with AR Legion Glasses is to amplify your gaming experience

Legion Go with Lenovo smart glasses

You, on your couch, diving into epic gaming dominion with total ease, thanks to Legion Glasses compatibility. Immerse yourself in augmented realities and game on in ultimate comfort!

Best VR Expert Score

Lenovo Legion Go: 4.56

WOW! Aspect4.7
Worth Spending On4.5
Overall Performance4.6
Burnt The Competitor4.4

FPS Mode Redefines Gaming Experience

The standout feature that took us by surprise is the FPS Mode. This unique mode, enabled by a dedicated disc that comes with the device, transforms the right controller into a mouse, revolutionizing first-person shooter gameplay. The ergonomic design and intuitive controls provide a seamless and immersive shooting experience, making it a game-changer for FPS enthusiasts. Moreover, FPS Mode doubles as a precise desktop mouse, enhancing navigation and gameplay in both handheld and docked modes. While some games may require special control configurations to optimize FPS Mode, most popular titles seamlessly adapt to this feature, further enhancing its appeal to gamers.

Weight is More Manageable Than Expected

Initial concerns regarding Legion Go’s weight were quickly alleviated as we spent time with the device. The heft of the device becomes less noticeable, particularly during extended gaming sessions from a comfortable seating position. Users are unlikely to experience significant discomfort, making it an ideal choice for stationary gameplay. Despite the device’s impressive specifications, one persistent concern is its battery life. 

The Legion Go’s 49.2Wh battery, while larger than its competitors like the Steam Deck and ROG Ally, still struggles to meet the demands of its high-resolution screen and power-hungry components. During our initial usage, we observed a considerable drop in battery life during setup and light gaming, even with power-saving settings enabled. However, it’s worth noting that the Legion Go is primarily designed for docked gameplay, making it possible to bypass these battery-related challenges when it’s connected to a power source.

The Trackpad Enhances Usability but Comes with Quirks

The addition of a trackpad to the Legion Go is a welcomed feature, simplifying desktop navigation and enhancing the experience for point-and-click games. While it functions as intended, it falls short of providing complete screen coverage with a single swipe. Users may need to swipe multiple times to reach different areas of the screen. Additionally, the absence of a tactile left-click function is a minor drawback. 

While tapping the trackpad is a workaround, some users may prefer a physical button for left-click actions. Equipped with the Z1 Extreme APU, the Legion Go delivers a stellar gaming performance on par with the latest handheld devices. It capably handles popular titles like Marvel’s Spider-Man, DOOM Eternal, Ion Fury, and Robocop, achieving satisfying framerates and visual fidelity. Gamers can expect a smooth gaming experience across various genres, demonstrating the device’s robust gaming capabilities.

A Spectacular Screen

The Lenovo Legion Go Review’s standout feature is its massive 8.8-inch screen, boasting a native resolution of 2560×1600 and a remarkable 144Hz refresh rate. The screen is bright, vivid, and immensely enjoyable, making it ideal for gaming and desktop usage. Navigating the desktop at 144Hz offers a seamless and enjoyable experience, ensuring that users will find themselves drawn to the device for both gaming and recreational activities. 

The Legion Space, Lenovo’s proprietary hub, provides a user-friendly interface for managing games and accessing deals on Steam. While it offers a pleasant and intuitive layout, some essential features, such as framerate control and RSR toggling, are noticeably absent. Adding these features would enhance the device’s functionality. Furthermore, the inability to switch refresh rates without a power supply can be frustrating for users.

Speakers Offer Quality Sound

The Legion Go’s speakers offer high-quality audio, though they may not be as loud as some users prefer, especially during FPS mode or when using the device in a docked setup. However, the sound quality remains impressive and provides an immersive gaming experience. The controllers, whether attached or detached, offer a comfortable grip. 

However, the button layout on the front of the controllers may require some adjustments. Certain buttons are placed further apart, which can lead to awkward hand positioning during gameplay. While most of our experience was smooth, we did encounter occasional controller disconnects and unexpected Windows prompts. These minor issues can be an inconvenience, and Lenovo may need to address them in future updates.

Buy Lenovo Legion Go

Lenovo Legion Go

Promising Handheld Gaming for Smarties – 512 GB

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