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Are Quest Pro Controllers With Quest 2 Worth The Upgrade: Watch

Salwa P



Quest Pro Controllers

The quest pro headset came with new quest pro controllers, which had a significant modification compared to quest 2. Mike decided to try out the meta quest pro controller with the quest 2 headset. Here is what he found.

Quest Pro Controllers

The new meta quest pro controller ditched the traditional IR tracking rings found on the quest 2 controllers, which the headset uses for tracking. Instead, it introduced three cameras on the controllers for their own inside-out tracking. Each pro controller also has its onboard snapdragon 662 processor.

Pairing With Quest 2

The pairing process is straightforward using the Meta Oculus App. It easily unpairs with the quest 2 controllers, which lets you pair the meta quest pro controller effortlessly. However, it will start working instantly after pairing once you update the controller firmware.

The pro controllers also feature capacitive touch sensors, which can detect where your fingers are placed on the cool trigger.

Compound Game

The haptic on the meta quest pro controller was stronger when playing Compound and more prominent that the original quest 2 controllers. The tracking was also rock-solid, allowing you the freedom to even shoot in one direction when completely looking in the opposite direction.

The Beat Saber Game

There is a noticeable improvement in the meta quest pro controller, especially when swinging the sabers to the sides. The weight of the pro controllers makes the game more fun since you can feel the weights of the sabers when playing.

In-depth Game

Both first-person shooters and bow-and-arrow games can be tricky for VR controller tracking due to having hands close to the headset when using quest 2, but the meta quest pro controller handles this easily.

Watch – Quest Pro Controllers With Quest 2 Worth The Upgrade


The meta quest pro controller works very nicely with quest 2, and it is definitely worth upgrading if you want to feel the games on quest 2 a bit more lively. However, if you are planning to upgrade to these pro controllers, bear in mind that they are costly, which may be a turn-off. You may get them at around $300.

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