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Ray Neo Air 2 AR Glasses Review – With a whole set of entertainment!

David William



It’s quite like a pinching pain when you spend around $500 and all you get is just the pair of smart glasses, whereas the controller, projector, or other supporting accessories are to be purchased separately. RayNeo brings a whole package to make your spending worthwhile without interruption in entertainment and gaming, all with a complete set. Let’s look into the Ray Neo Air 2 AR Glasses Review.

In the era of augmented reality (AR) glasses, the Ray Neo Air 2 has garnered attention for its promising features and sleek design. Let’s delve into a comprehensive review, exploring its specifications, pros, cons, performance, and reasons why it stands out as a worthy investment.

The Ray Neo Air 2 boasts impressive technical specifications, aligning with the demands of modern AR enthusiasts. Ray Neo Air 2 stands out for several positive attributes:

1. Display

Equipped with an advanced display, the glasses provide a vivid and immersive AR experience. The display quality contributes significantly to the overall user satisfaction.

Equipped with high-resolution waveguide optics, the Ray Neo Air 2 delivers stunning visuals with a resolution of 1080p per eye. The glasses also feature a 90Hz refresh rate, minimizing motion blur and enhancing the overall visual experience. Additionally, the AR glasses support a wide field of view (FoV), providing users with an expansive and immersive display.

2. Connectivity

Seamless connectivity is a key highlight, ensuring smooth integration with various devices. Users can easily sync the glasses with smartphones and PCs, enhancing versatility.

For connectivity, the Ray Neo Air 2 includes Bluetooth 5.2 and Wi-Fi 6 capabilities, ensuring fast and stable connections for a seamless AR experience. The glasses also come with built-in spatial audio speakers, contributing to the immersive nature of the content.

3. Software

While the RayNeo software has faced criticism for its performance in multi-window PC computing, the glasses compensate with a larger screen and impressive brightness output.

4. Sleek Design

The glasses are lauded for their aesthetic appeal, combining style with cutting-edge technology.

5. Immersive AR Experience

The display quality contributes to a truly immersive AR experience, enhancing the overall enjoyment for users.

6. Versatile Connectivity

The glasses offer seamless connectivity with various devices, making them a versatile companion for users on the go.

7. Immersive Visuals

The high-resolution waveguide optics and impressive FoV make the Ray Neo Air 2 a visual delight, providing users with an immersive and lifelike AR experience.

8. Responsive Interaction

Thanks to the 6DoF tracking system powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2, users can enjoy precise and responsive interactions in the virtual environment, enhancing the overall usability of the AR glasses.

9. Comfortable Design

The lightweight and ergonomic design of the Ray Neo Air 2 ensures comfort during extended usage. The glasses are designed to be worn for extended periods without causing discomfort or fatigue.

10. Spatial Audio Integration

The built-in spatial audio speakers contribute to the immersive experience, providing users with realistic sound that enhances the overall sense of presence in the augmented reality space.

11. Connectivity Features

With Bluetooth 5.2 and Wi-Fi 6 support, the Ray Neo Air 2 offers fast and reliable connectivity, ensuring a smooth experience when streaming content or interacting with AR applications.

12. Performance

The Ray Neo Air 2 excels in performance, particularly in delivering a high-quality AR experience. The combination of a sophisticated display and seamless connectivity ensures that users can enjoy AR applications, games, and content with minimal lag or disruptions.

The 6DoF tracking system accurately captures movements, allowing users to interact with AR content with impressive precision. The high-resolution optics contribute to a visually stunning experience, making virtual elements blend seamlessly with the real world. The 90Hz refresh rate ensures that fast-paced content remains sharp and free of motion artifacts, enhancing the overall visual fidelity.

Spatial audio integration adds another layer to the immersive experience, creating a sense of depth and directionality that complements the visual elements. The combination of responsive interaction, high-quality visuals, and spatial audio makes the Ray Neo Air 2 a compelling choice for AR enthusiasts and professionals alike.


Despite its strengths, the Ray Neo Air 2 is not without its drawbacks:

RayNeo Software Issues

Some users have reported challenges with the RayNeo software, particularly in the context of multi-window PC computing. This aspect needs improvement for a more seamless user experience.

Battery Life

Like many AR devices, the Ray Neo Air 2 faces the challenge of battery life. Extended usage may require frequent recharging, and users should be mindful of the available power when planning longer AR sessions.

Limited Content Ecosystem

While the AR content library is expanding, it’s essential to note that the ecosystem is still evolving. Users may find a limited selection of applications and experiences compared to more established platforms.

To some extent, you might find a Ray Neo Air 2 price equivalent or a bit higher than other major brands. While the features justify the cost for enthusiasts and professionals. Even the package of glasses with HDMI, Controller, and screen projector is inclusive; which most other brands don’t provide.

With numerous qualitative features and options, the pricing simply makes sense.

Ray Neo Air 2 AR Glasses

RayNeo Air 2 Smart Glasses

on Amazon
$539 on eBay
RayNeo Thunderbird Air Plus - All Accessory kits

RayNeo Thunderbird Air Plus

on eBay

Despite the mentioned cons, the Ray Neo Air 2 remains an attractive choice for those seeking a top-tier AR experience. Here’s why:

Immersive Entertainment

The glasses provide an unparalleled AR experience, making them an excellent choice for entertainment enthusiasts who want to explore augmented reality content in a visually stunning manner.


With versatile connectivity options, the Ray Neo Air 2 adapts to various devices, ensuring users can seamlessly integrate AR into their daily lives.

Future-Proof Technology

Investing in the Ray Neo Air 2 means embracing the future of AR technology. As advancements continue, these glasses are poised to support evolving applications and experiences.

The Ray Neo Air 2 AR Glasses offer a compelling blend of style, performance, and connectivity. While some software issues and the price point may give potential buyers pause, the overall package positions these glasses as a frontrunner in the competitive AR market.

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TCL RayNeo X2 AR Glasses Review | Rayneo X2 vs X2 Lite 2024 Which one is the best?

With the launch, they’ve gained enormous attention from potential smart glasses consumers. The advancement in AI, 3D Map & Nav & Voice command + Wireless Exterior use made RayNeo X2 stand out of the crowd!

Salwa P




RayNeo X2 vs X2 Lite

Wooh! TCL RayNeo has released some advanced smart glasses that major brands like Xreal, Lenovo and others couldn’t do. With the launch, they’ve gained enormous attention from potential smart glasses consumers. Let’s look into TCL RayNeo X2 vs X2 Lite; and why buying them would be the smartest decision this year.

RayNeo X2 vs X2 Lite

Comparison Table: TCL RayNeo X2 vs X2 Lite

Note: Most specs of both the series are similar. Some differences are noticeable such as weight, FoV, Pricing, and some other features.

RayNeo X2 vs RayNeo X2 Lite

FeaturesRayNeo X2RayNeo X2 Lite
Rayneo X2 Smart GlassesRayNeo X2 Lite
Use-CaseExternal + In-HomeExternal + In-Home
Supporting DevicesAI-Powered, Phone-Powered, & AR GamingAI-Powered, Phone-Powered, & AR Gaming
Screen80 Inches(yet to be announced) Inches
Reality TypeAR + AI IntegratedAR + AI Integrated
Games SupportedAR / Virtual GamesAR / Virtual Games
Wifi/BluetoothYes: Wifi 7; 5.3 BTYes: 6E Wifi; 5.3 BT
Audio3 Mic; 2 Speakers3 Mic; 2 Speakers
Added CompatibilityMultiple DevicesMultiple Devices
Peak Brightness1500 nits1500 nits
Field of View30° FoV
(bright projection with wide-spread of info across wearer’s eyesight + Visibility even under direct sunlight)
25° FoV
(Same as X2)
Camera / PhotoYes, 16 MP HD Camera + First Person View Photography & Filming12MP camera capturing 1080p video at 30fps + HD + First Person View Photography & Filming
Impressive FeaturesAI functionality, Voice Command, Notifications, 3D Interactive Navigation, AR Visuality, Music/Audio & CameraAI functionality, Voice Command, Notifications, 3D Interactive Navigation, AR Visuality, Music/Audio & Camera
Eye ProtectionLow Bluelight + Eye ComfortLow Bluelight + Eye Comfort
*Color AccuracyImpressive: 16.7 Million ColorsMillions of varied Colors
*Weight120 g62 g
Head Tracking / DialogueYes, Dialogue Translation with Face Tracking(same as X2)
Resolution640×480 each640×480 per eye
ColorsGray, BlackGray, Black
Refresh Rate120 Hz120 Hz
DisplayBinocular 2 x Micro-OLEDBinocular 2 x Micro-OLED
*StorageYes, 6 GB RAM + 128 GB StorageYes, 4 GB RAM + 32 GB Storage
Battery590 mAh(yet to be announced)
PortMagnetic / USB-CMagnetic
App Needed
(3D user interface system)
RayNeo XRRayNeo XR
Today’s PriceSee It on eBayReleasing in Q3 2024
(Subscribe with the orange bell on your left for updates)

Best VR Expert Score Box

What’s so special about RayNeo X2 and X2 Lite?

RayNeo X2 series smart glasses can do the following:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen1 gives unlagged audio, video, and interactive experience.
  • Access your favourite apps
  • Attend calls or make a call
  • Update on weather forecast
  • Storage option (that most smart glasses lack in)
  • True Wireless Glasses Design with Bluetooth connectivity (competitors’ glasses are either wired or need a controller to operate)
  • First-Person View Photography and Filming: Basically, don’t miss out on the chances and real-time moments to capture that mobile phones can’t do
  • Dialogue Translation with Face Tracking: Now, understanding a foreign language is not a big deal. You won’t need an interpreter to understand what the person is trying to say. This has made ‘Traveling’ to countries that don’t speak ‘English’ or ‘Your Primary Language’ is a lot more fun!

Advancement In Technology

  1. Integration of Interactive Intelligence
  2. 3D Navigation
  3. Voice Command
  4. Music/Audio
  5. Hands-Free Calling

What are Rayneo X2 & X2 Lite’s Use Cases?

Both X2 and X2 Lite are designed and ready to be used externally i.e. when travelling, navigating when riding, using at work, leisure and ‘In-home’. There’s a long list of use cases like AR gaming, watching movies, educational videos, music, podcasts, calling and more.

Are Both TCL RayNeo X2 vs X2 Lite Wireless?

Yes, they can be seamlessly connected with Wifi and have Bluetooth connectivity to get rid of wires around your neck.

Is X2 and X2 Lite Design Better Looking?

Both X2 and X2 Lite are ‘True wireless glasses design’. Their look may not appear like usual polarized sunglasses. This is because it requires clarity for external use when driving or travelling, and to make projection uninterrupted. Yet both X2s have a stylish new look suitable for anyone wearing them.

X2 vs X2 Lite Battery-Life

The battery for X2 is 590 mAh. And for X2 Lite it is expected to be around the same numbers.

Price Points Of TCL RayNeo X2 vs X2 Lite

You can check out the current price of TCL Rayneo X2; whereas X2 Lite is yet to be released, so its price is going to differ from the current one.

Is RayNeo X2 better than Xreal, Rokid, Viture & others?

Technology-wise RayNeo literally jumped ahead of all popular smart Glasses brands including Xreal, Rokid, Viture, Lenovo Legion Go, and others. The advancement in AI, Map & Navigation & Voice command + Wireless Exterior use of the glasses has made Ray Neo X2 stand out of the crowd for now!

Popular & Recommended

TCL RayNeo X2 (with Ring)


AR entertainment (movies, podcasts, games & more)

AI functionality, Voice Commands, and Notifications

3D Interactive Navigation & HD Camera 12MP

Releasing In Q3 2024

TCL RayNeo X2 Lite


AR entertainment (movies, podcasts, games & more)

AI functionality, Voice Commands, and Notifications

3D Interactive Navigation & HD Camera 12MP

Additional Note: Currently, X2 is available on eBay.

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