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Resident Evil Village VR Game Resident Evil Village VR Game


Resident Evil Village VR Game Review & Cost 2023

Salwa P



Resident evil village VR is one of the scarier and more adventurous games of all time. Previously the title could only be visible in the virtual reality of an outdated PlayStation, but now this is not the case capcom has now released a more attractive PC version for PC mode. So, while ensuring the success of the resident evil village VR game, the developer praydog now released a vastly improved performance. So, let’s dig into the scary review in detail.

There’s no denying that Resident Evil Village is one of the year’s most anticipated games. The eighth mainline entry in the iconic survival horror franchise is sure to send chills down our spines. And with it being playable in virtual reality on the PlayStation 5, it’s bound to be even creepier.

We already know that the PS5’s VR capabilities are impressive, and the resident evil village VR game is taking full advantage of that. The game’s developers have said they wanted to make the most immersive Resident Evil experience possible, and with VR, they’ve certainly achieved that.

The PC modding members have tried multiple peripherals from different resident evil games to make the experience scarier, but in this regard, capcom has achieved unexplainable heights. Resident Evil 7 contains VR support from sony’s PlayStation, and resident evil 4 received a VR port from oculus quest 2.

8th Resident Evil Village VR Game

However, the eight-resident evil village VR game features no such virtual reality options, but its installments raised the bar in their way. Following the events of the critically acclaimed resident evil 7 video game from 2017, resident evil village places players back in the shoes of Ethan Winters. Ethan is touring a secluded town in Eastern Europe rather than cautiously managing a rural Louisiana farm. The secluded settlement is stalked by vampires, werewolf-like creatures, and other gothic horrors, delivering an experience unlike anything in previous Resident Evil titles.

Players may now experience the horrors of the lonely village in virtual reality thanks to a new Resident Evil Village mod by PC modder Praydog recently published to GitHub. The aforementioned build also has motion control capabilities, including hand tracking, physical melee attacks, room-scale mobility in which Ethan moves while wearing the headset, and physical weapon pointing. The gameplay video below, created by Eurogamer as part of their testing of the VR and motion control mod, demonstrates how much creepier RE Village can get when more accessories are added.

Pros of resident evil village VR game For PS4 and PS5:

  • The use of VR makes the game more immersive and creepier.
  • The DualSense controller makes the game more realistic.

Cons of resident evil village VR game:

  • Some people may find the game too scary or immersive.
  • The game may not be suitable for younger audiences.

Controls in resident evil village VR game – PS5:

One of the most effective ways that village uses VR is by using the PS5’s DualSense controller. The haptic feedback and adaptive triggers are being used significantly, making it feel like you’re holding a gun. The game also uses the PS5’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers to make the game more realistic.

But it’s not just the guns that use the controller. Every time you step into the game, you can feel the controller vibrate, making it feel like you’re walking through the game’s eerie environment.

The user interface in the resident evil village VR game:

The user interfaces for the resident evil village VR game are like that of the previous game in the franchise, Resident Evil 7. It is a first-person perspective game, and the player uses the DualSense controller to move around and interact with the environment.

The developers have said that they want to make the most immersive Resident Evil experience possible, and with VR, they’ve certainly achieved that.

The developers have also said they’ve used VR to make the game’s enemies more menacing. When a werewolf or a vampire is chasing you, you can feel their presence thanks to VR.

Cost Of Resident Evil Game: PS4 & PS5

StandardResident Evil Village
Resident Evil Re: Verse
GoldResident Evil Village
Winters’ Expansion
Trauma Pack
Resident Evil Re: Verse
Resident Evil Game Cost 2023


If you’re looking for a scary and immersive gaming experience, you should check out – resident evil village VR game. VR makes the game creepier and more realistic, and the DualSense controller makes the game even more immersive. However, some people may find the game too scary or immersive, which may not be suitable for younger audiences.

 With VR, it’s going to be even creepier than we could have imagined.

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PlayStation Pulse Explore Wireless Earbuds Review 2024 | Pulse Elite – Know Their Worth!

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PlayStation Pulse Explore Wireless Earbuds

Enough of outdated gaming earpieces that simply eliminate the roaring sound without much of an impact. You need lifelike breathable PlayStation Pulse Explore wireless earbuds taking you into the game. Leaving an adventurous experience to full-on rivalry, actionable feeling without missing even a single beat of a sound.

Recently, Sony launched its new PlayStation Pulse Elite wireless headset which costs around $214. And PlayStation Pulse Explore wireless earbuds, priced at around $318.

These were specifically crafted for Sony’s PS5 gaming consoles, Windows, Mac, IOS, Android, and Sony’s PlayStation portal remote player.

They work pretty much great when it comes to crystal-clear sound. The deep bass feature is lovingly soft and won’t irritate your ears. Their sleek design feels fine, both in your hands and in your ear. They don’t look that much taller than the Sony Inzone wireless earbuds.

PlayStation Pulse Explore Earbuds Look
PlayStation Pulse Explore Earbuds Look (source: medium)

With this review, we’ll look into these super-modern audio gear. All opinions are based on their features, overall design, cost, and functionality.

Within the bottom line, you may expect an honest answer on Sony’s Playstation Pulse Explore wireless earbuds are worth purchasing. Or if it’s the hyped product similar to the Sony PlayStation portal at the same price tag.

Disclosure: Our products are handpicked and may have offers & best deals for today. Some links are affiliates, we may receive a bonus if conversion occurs, at NO cost to you. Thanks for your support & understanding!

PlayStation Pulse Explore Wireless Earbuds

‘Pulse Explore Wireless Earbuds’ and ‘Pulse Elite Wireless Headset’ are undoubtedly for high-quality lifelike gaming sound. They catch every single beat of play in the game.

Giving a full living experience within the action and every sort of game is something gamers love with their heart and soul.

PlayStation Pulse Elite Headset

Here are 3 solid reasons why gamers should consider them right away:

A. Every Beat is Lifelike with Immersive Audio Precision

Immerse yourself in the heart of the action with the Pulse Explore Earbuds and Pulse Elite Headset.

From subtle whispers to explosive effects, experience lifelike gaming sound that not only captures every beat but also provides unparalleled spatial awareness, giving you a competitive edge in every game.

B. “Cloud-Like Comfort, Zero Tangles”

Dive into gaming marathons with ease. The Pulse Explore Earbuds offer a feather-light and ergonomic design, ensuring a secure fit for extended sessions.

On the other hand, the Pulse Elite Headset combines plush comfort with an adjustable headband, providing not just immersive sound but also a cozy gaming experience.

Both are wireless, eliminating the annoyance of tangled cords and giving you the freedom to move seamlessly during gameplay.

C. “Audio Tailoring for Epic Gaming Journeys”

The Pulse Elite Headset lets you tailor the sound profile to suit different game dynamics, from the intense gunfire of shooters to the rich storytelling of cinematic adventures.

These products ensure that whether you’re on the battlefield or immersed in a captivating narrative, the audio experience adapts to maximize your enjoyment and engagement.

1. Design & Build Quality

When it comes to the design of the Sony Pulse Explore earbuds, they won’t look much larger, especially when viewed from the side angle.

They have a thick, beefy look that may not appeal to everyone, but personally, I found it to be quite modern and sleek.

This size, yet, leads to a somewhat odd weight distribution, with half of the bud resting above the ear canal.

PlayStation Pulse Explore Earbuds

It creates a noticeable pressure on the lower part of your ear, specifically the canal and concha. Despite this, I didn’t find the weight too bothersome, but it’s something to keep in mind.

A major plus is the inclusion of four sets of silicone ear tips in the box, it’s particularly interesting, especially since this helps to cater to a variety of users.

This is a brilliant addition that I love, and most users can find a comfortable fit.

In terms of build quality, the Pulse Explore earbuds feel solid and durable. They seem like they can easily withstand accidental drops.

Overall, the design might have a few quirks, but it’s modern, and the build quality does seem to promise longevity.

2. Sound Quality & Performance

Turning to the sound quality, this is something I know most gamers and music lovers are curious about, whether it’s good, moderate, or very best.

Well, in one word, it’s fantastic. Whether you’re playing multiplayer games, watching movies on Netflix, or jamming out on Spotify, the Pulse Explore earbuds consistently deliver exceptional sound, which is very detailed and extremely crystal clear.

You can relate it to the sounds coming from a high-quality movie theater.

Nevertheless, the one issue I have is with the microphone. While the voice remains clear and isolated, the Pulse buds don’t capture the warmth or depth of your voice.

They ain’t a BIG issue, but I think if you have a deep one like mine.

They’ll tend to make your voice sound hollow, as though you’re speaking in an empty, tiled room. This was a bit of a letdown, especially when we saw the $318 price point.

3. Planar Magnetic Drivers

The planar magnetic drivers make the PlayStation Pulse Explore earbuds quite hyped earbuds among audiophiles.

These drivers work decently in audio reproduction and offer you a kinda near-perfect accuracy across the audible spectrum.

As a gamer, you’re getting sound that’s exactly how the developers intended it to be. And what’s better than this? The richness and subtlety in the details are astonishing.

Whether it’s the deep bass or the nuanced soundscapes of different gaming worlds, everything comes through with exceptional clarity.

Besides, these earbuds support 3D Audio, a very modern feature, and it has a direct relation in elevating your overall listening experience.

4. PlayStation Link Technology

The Pulse Explore earbuds leverage Sony’s ultra-low latency, lossless PlayStation Link wireless technology.

This technology ensures that the sound reaches you at lightning-fast speed. The most unusual facet? It doesn’t lose a single detail in the process.

Consequently, this makes them an excellent companion for not just Sony’s PS5 gaming consoles, but also for devices running on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Plus, they’re compatible with Sony’s PlayStation portal remote player. The versatility you are getting is worth it.

5. AI-Enhanced Noise Rejection

This technology goes beyond your typical noise cancellation. Many people, including myself, mistakenly believe that it is just that, but in reality, it is a leap forward.

They are been trained to identify, isolate, and remove unwanted noises.

Sony's Pulse Explore Wireless Earbuds

Whether you’re in a noisy environment or in the middle of an intense gaming session, these earbuds guarantee that your voice commands and chats are pristine.

The active noise cancellation is so effective that it feels like you’re in your isolated gaming haven, even when the outside world is bustling.

6. Multi-Device Connectivity

The versatility of the Pulse Explore earbuds extends to their connectivity options. They offer dual-device connectivity. You may seamlessly switch between a Bluetooth connection to your mobile phone or tablet. And to the PlayStation Link for your gaming needs.

This means you can be engrossed in your game and still not miss important calls or messages. It’s about staying connected across all fronts without compromising on your gaming experience. The ability to listen to audio from both a PlayStation Link and a Bluetooth device simultaneously is a feature that most people adore.

7. Built-in Battery and Charging Case

The PlayStation Pulse Explore Wireless Earbuds come equipped with a built-in battery boasting a respectable five hours of life per charge.

This is complemented by the charging case, which provides two additional full charges, totaling an impressive 15 hours of usage.

While five hours per charge might seem adequate for short gaming sessions or commutes, I can’t help but wish it offered at least eight hours for those longer play periods or trips. It’s a slight letdown but not a deal-breaker.

One aspect that stands out is the display of the battery life. The buds themselves show their remaining battery life, which is handy.

However, there’s a slight hitch: while you can see the battery level for the controller, there’s no direct way to check the earbuds’ battery status. This oversight is a bit inconvenient, as you might find yourself unexpectedly needing to charge them.

8. Intuitive Controls

One of the more satisfying features of the Pulse Explore earbuds is the intuitive physical control system. Each earbud comes with a physical button rocker located on the top, making it easy to adjust the volume and mute the mic as needed.

This tactile approach to control is a breath of fresh air in an era where touch controls can often be finicky or overly sensitive.

The physical buttons provide a reassuring click, ensuring that every press is intentional and effective. It’s a small but significant feature that enhances the overall user experience.

9. Integrated Microphones

The integrated microphones in the Pulse Explore earbuds are subtly hidden yet remarkably effective. These two mics are adept at picking up your voice clearly, which is essential for multiplayer gaming sessions or calls.

The placement and quality of these mics mean that your voice comes through crisply without the distractions of ambient noise.

It’s impressive how these small, almost invisible mics can perform so well, ensuring that communication is always clear.

10. Portable Form Factor

Finally, the portable form factor of the Pulse Explore earbuds is worth mentioning. They strike a fine balance between robust build and compact size, making them easy to carry around.

Whether you’re packing them in your gaming bag or slipping them into your pocket, they’re designed for on-the-go convenience.

This portability factor is crucial for gamers and commuters alike, as it means your high-quality audio experience isn’t confined to just your gaming setup at home.

You can take that immersive audio experience wherever you go, seamlessly integrating it into your daily life.

PlayStation Pulse Explore Earbuds

PS Pulse Explore

Wireless Earbuds
(on eBay)
PlayStation Pulse Elite Headset

PS Pulse Elite

Wireless Headset
(on eBay)

Honestly speaking, when you’re shelling out $318, you’d anticipate a lot more features.

Sure, the earbuds have some spectacular elements, like the ultra-low latency PlayStation Link technology and high-quality sound reproduction.

But when I compare them to other earbuds in the same price range, I feel a bit shortchanged.

Benefits of owning PlayStation Pulse Explore earbuds:

Don’t get me wrong, the passive noise isolation does a decent job of muffling ambient noise. Whether I’m gaming or working, I appreciate the level of focus it grants me.

Yet, I can’t help but wish they had more advanced noise-cancelling features. But I would say, if you’re just after good sound and the ability to make clear calls, these earbuds deliver.

I’ve got to admit the sound quality is impressive. Whether I’m deep into a game or just listening to music, the audio is crisp, detailed, and immersive.

Couple this with the support for 3D audio, and the experience is genuinely mind-blowing.

For anyone like me, who juggles between gaming and work, you’ll appreciate the seamless Bluetooth connectivity. It’s reliable, and the multi-device support is a lifesaver.

I can switch effortlessly from gaming on my PS5 to taking a work call on my phone. No hassle, no fuss!

However, I have to point out the size of these earbuds. They’re quite large and bulky. If you’re used to discreet earbuds, these might feel a bit cumbersome.

However, they are comfortable, and I didn’t experience any discomfort even after prolonged use.

In terms of battery life, these earbuds fare decently, five hours per charge. Nice! The charging case comes in handy, adding an extra 10 hours.

But when you’re engrossed in a marathon gaming session or on a long trip, five hours seems a bit limited.

Your Buying Decision On Pulse Explore Earbuds / Elite Headset:

In case you haven’t noticed, PlayStation’s Pulse Earbuds and Elite Headset are presented in a way that connects gaming with real feelings. And this hasn’t happened ever before. It’s like a genie of the gaming industry taking you to another world!

All in all, I hope that with this Sony PlayStation Pulse Explore wireless earbuds, you have a clear vision about whether or not you should pay $318 or $214 for this extraordinary gear.

To add on, the box includes Pulse Explore wireless earbuds, 4 extra tips, a USB adapter, a charging case, a USB cable, and printed materials to get set go.

Overall, the earbuds perform well in most areas. They are worth considering if you’re a modern PlayStation game lover, or a multitasker looking for seamless audio integration into your daily life. Sound enthusiasts would love these as they value detailed and solid audio quality with every moment of life played.

PlayStation Pulse Explore / Elite

(available on eBay)

Purpose of Pulse Explore or Elite

A lifelike 3D sound that never misses a beat. Gives a real-life in-game feeling.

Rating by buyers 4.3/5

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How Much Does It Cost to Play Pebble Beach

David William



How Much Does It Cost to Play Pebble Beach

Nestled along California’s gorgeous coastline, Pebble Beach Golf Links is one of the world’s most iconic golf courses, drawing players of all skill levels. A lot of golf enthusiasts are curious about how much it costs to play at Pebble Beach. Let’s examine the specifics to comprehend the green fees related to visiting this renowned golf location.

1. Standard Green Fees

According to the most recent data, Pebble Beach Golf Links’ regular green fee is $595. Golfers may play a round at one of the most beautiful and difficult courses in the world for this cost. It’s important to remember, though, that this price can change depending on a number of variables, such as the season and any ongoing sales or discounts.

2. Peak Season Rates

Peak seasons are seen at Pebble Beach, where players come to enjoy the breathtaking views of the coast while teeing off on a difficult course. The green fee may go up on weekends and holidays when demand is at its highest. When budgeting for their Pebble Beach trip, visitors must take these high-season charges into account.

3. Rate Increase in 2023

Pebble Beach raised its rates in 2023, making the regular green charge $595. It further emphasizes that after April 1, 2023, charges would rise to $625. This data emphasizes how crucial it is to monitor the most recent rates and make plans appropriately in order to guarantee a reservation ahead of any price changes.

4. Is Pebble Beach Worth the Cost?

Golfers frequently argue over whether Pebble Beach is worth the high green fees, which is a subjective decision. The course’s attractiveness is heightened by its reputation for breathtaking seaside scenery, difficult play, and a rich history. Golfers have to balance the expenses of playing at Pebble Beach against the experience and status it offers. Reviews and comments from people who have taken this well-known course can provide insightful information for those who are thinking about making the purchase.

5. Additional Costs: Caddie and Gratuity

Players should be aware of extra expenses that could improve their experience at Pebble Beach in addition to the green fees. It is customary to have a caddie; a single bag will cost $145 + gratuity, while a double bag would cost $190. Although hiring a caddie is not required, many players find the service helpful in negotiating the difficult terrain and learning more about the course.

6. Booking Options and Alternatives

If you want to play at Pebble Beach but find the normal green fees too expensive, it’s a good idea to check into other possibilities and booking processes. A few golfers opt to play during off-peak hours or make use of exclusive packages that could include lodging and several games of golf. It is advised to investigate these choices in order to customize the Pebble Beach experience to personal tastes and financial constraints.

7. The Hay: A Short Course Option

Those looking for a less expensive golf experience have an option in Pebble Beach. The Hay is a nine-hole short course that offers a less expensive way to take in the Pebble Beach atmosphere. According to the most recent data available, green fees at The Hay are $65 for members of the general public and resort visitors Monday through Thursday and $75 on Fridays. Families can enjoy a family-friendly golfing option at Pebble Beach by playing for free for juniors 12 and under.


The cost of a round at Pebble Beach Golf Links is commensurate with the fame and elegance of this legendary course. Pebble Beach is a premier golfing location because of its green fees, which are subject to seasonal fluctuations and tariff revisions. When making travel plans, golfers need to take into account things like high season pricing, extra expenses for a caddie, and accessible booking possibilities. Even though it might be expensive, a lot of golf enthusiasts think that playing at Pebble Beach is well worth the money.

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