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Ray Neo Air 2 AR Glasses Review

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Popular VR Headset Of The Month: December 2023

Meta Quest 3

Purpose of Buying Meta Quest 3

Immersive Mixed-Reality Games, Work, Entertainment, Fitness and more

Rating by buyers 4/5

Meta Quest 3 Review December 2023

Popular AR Smart Glasses Of The Month: December 2023

Xreal Air 2

Purpose of Buying Xreal Air 2

Engaging AR (for work, video, music, and gaming) + In-house giant cinema for entertainment

Rating by buyers 4.3/5

Xreal Air 2 Review December 2023

Popular Handheld Gaming Console Of The Month: December 2023

Lenovo Legion Go

512 GB – 8.8″ 144Hz 

Purpose of Buying Lenovo Legion Go

Engaging Handheld Gaming, Comfortable Play-Fight, AR Gaming Experience, Detachable Truestrike Controlling, Launchers, Games, and more

Rating by buyers 4.7/5

Popular VR Simulator Of The Month: December 2023

VR 360 Rotating Simulator

Purpose of Buying VR 360 Rotating Cockpit Simulator

Virtual adventurous flight exposure, Cinematic VR rotating cockpit, Gaming experience, Enhanced action feeling, and more

Rating by buyers 4.8/5

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