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Xreal Air 2 vs Rokid Max: A Comparative Look at Cutting-Edge AR Glasses Xreal Air 2 vs Rokid Max: A Comparative Look at Cutting-Edge AR Glasses

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Xreal Air 2 vs Rokid Max: A Comparative Look at Cutting-Edge AR Glasses

David William



A tough fight between two major glasses XREAL Air 2 vs. Rokid Max has led to a sort of confusion among buyers, on which Smart Glasses should you go for.

Reviews: Xreal Air 2 and Rokid Max

When it comes to Nreal vs Rokid, users weigh factors like display quality, price, and comfort. Rokid impresses with innovation and pricing, while Nreal Air charms with its lightweight feel.

The battle isn’t just about gadgets; it’s about blending augmented reality smoothly into our lives.

So, whether you’re Team Rokid or Team Nreal, the future promises even more mind-bending advancements, making smart glasses an essential part of our tech usability.

Just to warm up the knowledge, in the virtual and augmented reality industry, two prominent contenders have emerged unexpectedly, one with the acceptable price of Rokid Max (with Station/Controller) from that of the other (XREAL Air 2 ).

These AR glasses are pushing the boundaries of immersive technology and redefining the way we interact with digital content. Let’s take a closer look at the standout features of each device to help you make an informed choice.

Comparison: Xreal Air 2 Vs Rokid Max

FeaturesXreal Air 2Rokid Max
Buy Xreal Air 2Rokid AR Glasses
Supporting DevicesPhone-Powered, Handheld & Gaming ConsolesPhone-Powered, Handheld & Gaming Consoles
Screen330 Inches215 Inches
Reality TypeAR, VR (limited)AR
Games SupportedAR & Some VR GamesAR Games
Added CompatibilityLaptopLaptop
Brightness500 nits600 nits
Weight72 g75 g
Head Tracking3DoF3DoF
Resolution1920×10803840 x 1080
ColorsGrey, Red, BlackGrey, Blue
Refresh Rate120 Hz120 Hz
DisplayBinocular 2 x Micro-OLEDBinocular 2 x Micro-OLED
See itSee it
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Best VR Expert Score Box

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Both glasses have almost the same features despite their physical appearances. By the end of this comparative article you’ll get to know, which pair of smart glasses is highly suitable for your needs and a thorough satisfaction.

Xreal Air 2 Pro Smart Glasses

The XREAL Air 2 is equipped with a remarkable Sony 0.55-inch Micro OLED display boasting a staggering 4032ppi resolution. A virtual AR display screen to be 330 inches just like a personal theatre in your room.

Complementing this advanced display technology is the Jinghong Ruiying 3.0 optical engine, ensuring vivid visuals and seamless performance. Furthermore, these glasses hold TUV Rheinland certificates, assuring users of top-tier safety and usability standards.

One of the standout features of the XREAL Air 2 is the X-Spatial Sound 2.0 technology, which delivers an immersive audio experience, making the virtual world feel even more real.

The XREAL Air 2 Pro takes things a step further with its electrochromic lenses, which can adapt to different scenarios, providing optimal clarity and comfort. Plus, the XREAL Beam function allows for effortless control and interaction with a variety of applications.

Rokid Max Features and Price
Rokid Max Features & Fun – Image: Rokid

The Rokid Max introduces a unique twist to AR glasses technology, featuring a Sony Micro OLED display that projects images downwards, creating an astonishing augmented reality experience.

With AR mode, content is seamlessly integrated into your surroundings, immersing you in a digital layer that harmonizes with your real-world environment.

For those who seek absolute immersion, Rokid Max offers a pitch-black glass cover option, eliminating any external distractions and ensuring an unparalleled viewing experience.

The Rokid Max’s claim to fame is its massive 215-inch virtual screen, which replicates the vibrant and colorful visuals of a theater-like experience.

However, it’s important to note that some users have reported minor chromatic aberrations at the corners of the displayed content when using the glass cover, particularly during darker scenes.

Remarkably, the Rokid Max can cast content from a wide array of sources, making it a versatile multimedia device.

When paired with the Rokid Station, it transforms into a personal entertainment hub, delivering a full-fledged augmented reality experience.

1. Design and Portability

The design of AR glasses is pivotal for user comfort and practicality. According to the BestVRExpert analysis, the XREAL Air 2’s carrying case stands out for its slightly lighter weight. Rokid Max is also considered a more portable design than the other glasses available in the market.

This factor contributes to the overall convenience and ease of use for users on the go.

2. Weight and Comfort

Comfort is paramount for the extended use of AR glasses. Rokid Max weighs a comfortable 75g, akin to regular glasses, ensuring prolonged wear without discomfort. Whereas XREAL Air 2 is around 72 grams making a difference of 3 grams.

This aligns with the user-centric approach to design, emphasizing a seamless and enjoyable AR experience.

3. Field of View (FOV)

The Field of View is a critical aspect that defines the extent of the virtual environment users can perceive. The XREAL Air 2 offers a FOV of 46°, while the Rokid Max boasts a slightly wider FOV of 50°.

Though the difference is not significant, it plays a role in the overall immersion and user experience.

4. Visual Experience and Display Quality

In terms of virtual display screens, both Xreal and Rokid have giant screens of 330 and 215 inches impressively.

The heart of AR glasses lies in the visual experience they offer. The XREAL Air 2 and Rokid Max, according to BestVRExpert, both deliver exceptional display quality with vibrant colors.

However, the nuances in visual rendering may vary, and users might find differences in how each device presents the digital content.

5. Price and Accessibility

Pricing often plays a decisive role in the adoption of new technologies. XREAL Air 2 and Rokid Max cater to different segments of the market in terms of pricing, making AR experiences accessible to a broader audience.

The exact pricing details and the perceived value for money are crucial considerations for potential users.

Recommended & Value for Money

Rokid Max (with Station)


Embrace the powerful future with 3840 x 1080 Resolution Streaming and gaming AR glasses, and carry a world of big cinema and gaming wherever you roam!

For Gaming, work, video, music, sports, and all sorts of entertainment.

View Full Review

Xreal Air 2 Pro (with Beam)


Augmented Reality (for work, video, music, and gaming) + In-house giant cinema for entertainment, sports & more.

View Full Review

The Xreal Air 2 AR glasses are designed for versatility, offering compatibility with various devices. They support both iPhone and Android phones, providing a seamless augmented reality (AR) experience on popular smartphone platforms.

Additionally, users can connect the Xreal Air 2 to the Nintendo Switch, enhancing gaming experiences with immersive AR elements.

The compatibility extends beyond gaming, as the AR glasses can transform handheld gaming experiences on Lenovo Legion Go, offering an innovative approach to mobile gaming.

This adaptability makes the Xreal Air 2 a versatile accessory, catering to users across different devices and applications.

It’s worth noting that the Xreal Air 2 AR glasses provide a comprehensive AR solution, catering to the needs of both gaming enthusiasts and general users seeking an immersive AR experience.

How about Rokid Max’s Compatibility with Nintendo Switch and Lenovo Legion Go handhelds?

Rokid Max is compatible with most Android and iPhone devices. For iPhone 15 and 15 Plus, a wireless solution or an adapter is to be connected.

On the other hand, for gaming devices such as Nintendo Switch, PS, Xbox, and so on an HDMI-to-USB-C adapter is needed for connection.

Buy Xreal Air 2

Xreal Air 2 (Red)

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Rokid Max

Rokid Max (Blue)

on Amazon {10% off on Limited Time Deal}
See It

Both the XREAL Air 2 and Rokid Max offer distinct advantages and remarkable features, making them compelling choices for enthusiasts of augmented reality. The decision ultimately hinges on your individual preferences and how you intend to use these cutting-edge AR glasses in your daily life.

If you intend to carry smart glasses outside your home or chill at the beach, the Xreal Air 2 and Xreal Air 2 Pro would look cooler in terms of their fashionable design. Whereas Rokid Max is more suitable for in-home use or a long flight to go. However, both give enhanced experience in gaming and watching entertainment elements.

In short, Xreals are more to impress others, whereas Rokid Max is all about your pleasure!

Purpose of Buying Rokid Max

Engross in Augmented Reality (for work, video, music, and gaming) + In-house cinema for entertainment with visuality crisp: Full Review

Xreal Air 2 Glasses

Purpose of Buying Xreal Air 2

Engaging AR (for work, video, music, and gaming) + In-house giant cinema for entertainment: View Full Review

Hit the Orange bell on the left (bottom) to stay tuned for more updates on these Smart Glasses, as AR technology continues to redefine our virtual future.

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VR AR Devices

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